NoZwet Condensation Control System

NoZwet is a significant addition to the Hydroseal product range that was recently introduced to the USA from Britain where it has experienced a 30 – year performance success record. We should have done this years ago.


NoZwet is a spray-on insulating coating that provides extraordinary results.


When applied to the interior ceiling of metal, concrete, and specifically uninsulated roofing systems, NoZwet provides a warmer environment to negate the ‘cold-bridge’ effect.


The finished NoZwet coating effectively increases surface area, making it extremely difficult for condensation to form.

In extreme conditions under which condensation droplets are likely to fall to the area below, NoZwet simply absorbs the water at a rate of 1 liter per square yard. NoZwet eliminates the potential for pooling water to damage equipment, cargo, stored goods, working surfaces, and even the possibility for ice formation on the floor, presenting a dangerous working environment with the prospect of lawsuits.

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Condensation Explained

Condensation will form when a surface reaches dew point. Dew point occurs when the surface is cool enough to allow the moisture in the air to condense upon it.


Dew point varies according to air temperature and the degree of humidity carried in the air. Thus, when the moisture saturated air comes into contact with a cooler surface, it condenses the moisture into water in the form of droplets, as seen in the first photograph to the right.


NoZwet is an environmentally friendly, water-based coating that prevents condensation from forming on ceilings, uninsulated roofs, and a wide range of other surfaces.


Capillary action within the highly textured NoZwet surface allows for rapid evaporation back into the atmosphere.


A NoZwet coated ceiling increases the drying time of that surface by at least 15-20 times that of an uncoated surface.


NoZwet also contains a highly efficient fungicide to protect the surface from contamination by mold and fungal growth, which provides a cleaner and healthier environment.

Pre-NoZwet Treatment


Post-NoZwet Treatment


Where To Use NoZwet

NoZwet is ideal for warehouses, indoor sports facilities, cold stores, frameless design buildings, hardened aircraft and boat shelters, on-site storage, and shipping containers.


NoZwet will provide asbestos encapsulation when applied to most types of roofing, including single-skin, twin-skin, metal, or aluminum.

NoZwet Ag

NoZwet Ag has very similar characteristics to NoZwet, but with a smoother, harder surface. This product is designed to protect the interior building substrate from the corrosive effects of high levels of ammonia often found in poultry and livestock buildings.

Applications for NoZwet

  • Aircraft Hangars and Hardened Aircraft Shelters
  • Ammunition Storage and Shipping Containers
  • Cellular Telephone Tower Support Buildings
  • Exterior Cold Store Surrounds
  • Frame-less Style Temporary Buildings
  • Storage Containers and Trailers
  • Sports Complexes
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Workshops